At Dentaland, we care. We have been serving Florida since 1975 with a level of care and professionalism all of our patients recognize as second to none. Our specialists utilize modern techniques to ensure the consistent delivery of comfortable, effective dental care. The team of professionals at Dentaland® look forward to welcoming you and helping you reveal a bright, beautiful smile!

Dentaland of Boynton Beach
  • • Dentaland can serve all of your dental care needs at one of our seven conveniently located offices open from 9am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday, and from 9am to 3pm on Saturdays.
  • • Dentaland uses a multi-specialty approach to provide comprehensive dental care and services of the highest quality. Expert specialists work together to address your unique oral health for outstanding results.
  • • Dentaland specialists use modern technology to reduce the amount of time you spend in the chair, increase your comfort during the appointment, and ensure your safety.
  • • Dentaland is committed to only positive experiences for you and your family when you visit for an appointment by providing individual, dedicated attention designed to establish meaningful care connections with you.

Our History

Our founder, Dr. Jeffrey P. Feingold, has been a Florida licensed Periodontist since 1971. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and a Life Member of the American Dental Association. His experience with evolving care standards form the base from which the culture of specialty care at Dentaland as a leading Florida practice exists.

Dr. Feingold has been dedicated from the beginning of his career to good oral health for patients of all ages. While an intern at the Eastman Dental Center, the epicenter of dental innovation for nearly 100 years, he participated in developing clinical protocols for dental sealant placement on children. He continues to emphasize the idea of total patient care within our specialty-centered practice, maintaining a team of talented dental professionals who approach patient care from a cooperative standpoint.

Dentaland has grown since 1975 to seven convenient locations, all ready to welcome you and your family into good oral health. Call us to make an appointment today and discover quality care can impact the health of your smile.

Dental Technology

Using Technology to Benefit You

Our commitment to quality is supported by our use of some of the latest in dental diagnostic technology. Our specialists use tools like digital x–rays to assess the state of your teeth while exposing you to less radiation than a conventional x–ray.

Our lightweight intraoral cameras provide us with the highest quality of images with minimal discomfort to you. These images are of excellent diagnostic value and allow our team to show you the interior of your mouth under magnification, a chance for you to view your mouth exactly as the dentist sees it!

Dentaland specialists use the digital panorex™ to capture panoramic scans of your upper and lower jaws.
Our use of digital scanning cuts down on your time spent in the chair while yielding diagnostic results far superior to traditional techniques. Every investment Dentaland makes in technology is an investment in your care, from maintaining highly accurate patient records to increasing the comfort of the office environment.

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